« Fogo e gelo » : The fire and the ice

I have the great chance to have Caio Senna, famous brazilian composer, to write a solo piece for me. That was our first meeting, also the first time I play him his piece… a lot of emotion! Have a look at this video report:

Meeting Caio Senna was a genuine connection: not only is he a a great composer, but he is also a man with a true heart… and finally I have decided to work only with people that I like.
This working session was so productive: we felt filled up of good energy. At the end of the session, we open the mics to have a trace of the work of the day. Actually, you can get an audio extract of the piece by signing up here.
We will have a big session of work together later this year to finish that piece and work on the concerto. The world wide premier of Fogo e gelo will take place in France, but I think that the world wide premier of the concerto will be in Brazil. I hope you will enjoy!

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